A Scandinavian touch in Cosmopolis

2-room showroom flat

This project is part of a series of showroom apartments specially designed for the residential complex Cosmopolis. All the interior deco projects are aimed at creating a minimalistic and functional space, with clean and fluid lines, which exploit every square meter available as intelligently as possible.

Considering the reduced surface of the flat, the SDH team came up with the solution of using intelligent and versatile furniture. In order to create a space that has a good flow, still marking every separate room, the furniture itself was used as a means of marking the spaces, each individual piece having a well defined functional role.

In order to create a bright and opened space, the SDH architect used white furniture associated with oak tones, bringing a warm feeling inside the flat and connecting it tighter to nature and the wide green spaces that surround the complex.

In order to complete the warm, inviting and optimistic “home” feeling, the SDH architect chose to add some yellow accents which also help to virtually illuminate the space.

The gallery below contains pictures of the 3D interior design project and real-life pictures from the apartment.



Net area:

55 sqm.


Project manager:


25.810 lei (without decorations)




VOX (furniture and decorations)

BoConcept (carpet)

LaForma (bedroom lights and decorations, dining table and chairs)

Eijffinger (curtain)


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