Scandinavian model home

Urban life vibes at home

The goal of our designer was to create a fluid and functional space, aimed at meeting the needs of people who are connected to the urban life and to everything new happening around them. However, as beauty is not enough when it comes to our homes, we created an open space that will serve for both relaxation and entertainment in different areas, the living room, the bar and the dining area. All this to suit the very open-minded future owners.

Being eager to satisfy the clients, the SDH team developed a welcoming and personal home concept. The interior is designed to be multifunctional and to vibrate in the rhythm of the city. The color scheme of this project was chosen in order to integrate the furniture into a space with natural finishes. The strong blue undertones brought color to the neutral palette.



Net area:

80 sqm.


Project Manager:


70.000 lei




BoConcept (entirely)

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