The confort of organic shapes in a spacious apartment

Three relaxing rooms

The warmth of this apartment, given by the natural woodwork and finishes was an inspiring starting point that our SDH architects built on in order to create this interior design. The calming colours of the floor and the interior doors create a neutral base that is used as a canvas in every room.

Variations of beige and taupe accentuate the comfort of textile accessories that complete the look in the living and bedroom while the decorations bring a modern vibe by combining geometric and colour accents. The apartment is created for a family with a little girl so, naturally, one of the rooms has been transformed into a child’s nest. In here the natural tones of the wood are sweetened by vibrant colours and playful prints.

Formele rotunjite ale mobilierului și jocurile de lumini au un impact puternic asupra atmosferei din acest apartament, accentuându-i naturalețea și căldura. The organic shapes of the furniture and the spectacular lights have a strong impact on the atmosphere of this apartment, giving a boost to its natural and warm look.

You are welcome to explore this interior design created by our SDH specialists through the photo gallery below.


Suprafața utilă:

68 mp.


Project manager:


27.179 lei  (without decorations)




VOX (living and bedroom furniture and accessories)

BoConcept (living sofa, picture and rug)

FLEXA (children’s furniture) (children’s room decorations & accessories)

création baumann & Eijffinger (curtains & drapes)


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